How Much Does Plaster Repair Cost?

There are many reasons why you might need to have plaster repaired. It can be anything from cracks appearing as a result of stress and the property’s age, to household damage, including holes and scrapes due to the impact of doors, furniture or children banging into the walls or something much more severe like water or flood damage. 

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But whatever the plaster damage, you need to understand how much it costs to repair damaged plaster walls or ceilings before you start the job. So in this article, we’re going to take a look at the typical plaster repair costs here in Australia and what might be involved when it comes to repairing plaster

Repairing Plaster Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Firstly, you need to be aware that repairing plaster is far more complex than you might think. Plastering is an art form, and it takes many years of training to become a professional plasterer. It’s not just a case of slapping on wet plaster over a hole and letting it dry. 

When it comes to repairing plaster, it takes time and patience and needs to be done in a series of layers, with each layer needing to dry before the final step, which is sanding it back to a smooth finish and then painting. Getting a smooth finish on a hole or a damaged ceiling requires skill, lots of experience and the right tools.

The Different Types of Plastering


Here in Australia, several different types of plaster are available, including drywall, otherwise known as plasterboard or Gyprock, which comes in large sheet form and is a quick and clean way to line and create walls and partitions when more space or rooms are needed. 

Then, there is the more traditional wet plastering which is mixed with water and applied directly to brick or concrete walls. Then finally, there is ornamental or intricate decorative plaster used for such things as a ceiling rose, cornice or frieze and is typically found in older, period homes.

How Do Plasterers Quote A Repair Job?

When it comes to plasterers quoting a repair job, their price is typically based on the per square metre of the job, and currently, here in Australia, you can generally expect to pay around;

  • $70 per square metre for drywall
  • Between $45 to $90 per square metre for the wet plaster
  • $200+ per square metre for intricate and complex jobs, like ceiling plaster repairs

Along with the square metre rate, you may find that the plaster needs to add additional costs to cover any of the following. 

  • Whether the existing old plaster needs to be removed
  • Ease of access to the job is there a need to work from ladders or hire scaffold – which is why high ceilings tend to cost more because they are more challenging to work on
  • How long the repair job will take
  • Is there a need to treat mould as a result of water damage
  • Do they require specialist materials?
  • Will they need to remove any old plaster or debris
  • Any Travel costs

What Are The Typical Plaster Repair Costs?

Now that you have an understanding of how plasterers usually charge for repair work, let’s look at several examples of what you can expect the plastering cost might be for individual repairs starting with;

1. How Much Does It Cost to Repair Plaster Cracks?

For superficial cracks and chips, then you’re probably looking at the cost of around $20 -$50. However, if the cracks and damage result from the property’s stress or age, the prices are likely to be much higher. 

2. What Is The Cost To Repair Plaster Walls?

When it comes to the cost of repairing plaster walls, it’s going to be down to whether the plaster wall can be repaired can be undertaken using drywall or wet plaster.

If the plasterer can use drywall for the plaster wall repair, you can expect to pay around $70 per square metre. However, if they use wet plastering, the figure will be approximately $45 – $90 per square metre.

3. How Much Does Fixing A Hole In A Wall Cost?

For repairing a hole in a wall, the cost will depend very much on the size of the hole and if it can be fixed using drywall or if the job needs wet plaster. 

But on average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 – $30 to repair small nail holes, up to around $70 per square metre for drywall and $45 to $90 per square metre for wet plaster if they are larger holes.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Repair Water Damaged Plaster?

Repairing plaster that has been damaged due to water can be complex and prove to be highly costly. The plasterer will likely charge by the hour, and so you can expect to pay around $75 per hour for repairing plaster that has been damaged by water.

5. How Much Does It Cost To Repair Ceiling Plaster?

Whether it’s a crack or a patch, the cost of a plaster ceiling repair is always more expensive. This is because achieving access often requires ladder work or hiring portable scaffolding and the use of specialised tools.

As a result, ceiling plaster repairs tend to be slow and are likely to be charged at an hourly rate.

What To Look For When Hiring A Plasterer

When it comes to hiring a plasterer to carry out any repair work, whether big or small, you need to take your time and make sure you have the following information before engaging them to do the job.

  • Are they licensed or qualified?
  • Are they insured to work in my home?
  • How long will my job take?
  • Can they provide a free written quote?
  • Do they have references I can follow up with?
  • Can I see examples of similar work?

Finding The Best Plasterers For The Job


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To Learn More About Plaster Repair Services

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